Training plays an important part in securing the health, safety and welfare of all employees. Training maximises staff contribution, improves efficiency and productivity and reduces the potential for accidents, shut downs and expensive insurance claims.

Our portfolio of Health and Safety training courses include:

Management of Health and Safety Training:

Health and safety is a line management responsibility; it is essential that all levels of management understand their legal, moral and economic obligations to ensure safe people, safe practices and a safe working environment. We understand the needs of our clients and the constraints they face - be they cultural, financial or behavioural. This is why our management courses are designed to be informative, interactive, thought provoking and above all practical. We do not believe in 'lecturing' or 'threatening' our delegates - we believe it is more important to engage with them and achieve their buy in. We find this approach improves awareness, appreciation and accountability at all levels.

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Health and Safety

Health and Safety for Board and Executive Directors

Duration: 3 Hours

Aimed at: Board Directors, Executive Directors

: Ultimate responsibility for health and safety rests with the Board. This practical and informative briefing provides Board and Executive Directors with the guidance and information they need to ensure they fulfil their health and safety legal, moral and economic responsibilities.

Health and Safety for Senior Managers

Duration: 1 day

Aimed at: New and existing managers at a Senior, General or Operational level

Overview: This training helps Senior Managers to understand their roles, responsibilities, the consequences of poor health and safety, personal liabilities, and what actions they need to take to fulfill their health and safety obligations.

Health and Safety for Line Managers

Duration: 2 days

Aimed at: New and existing Line Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

Overview: This practical and informative training enables Line Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders to understand their health and safety roles and responsibilities, the organisations health and safety management system and what actions they need to take to fulfill their obligations in addition to providing a safe place of work.

Health and Safety for Branch/Store Managers

Duration: 1 day

Aimed at: Branch/Store Managers

Overview: Individuals with day to day responsibility for health and safety within the retail or customers service sectors should have a full understand of their responsibilities and the organisations management system. This practical training covers the key responsibilities and practical health and safety actions to take to ensure the safety of their staff and customers.

Health and Safety Coordinator/Rep Training

Duration: 1 day

Aimed at: Individuals tasked with implementing health and safety on a day to day basis.

Overview: Many organisations delegate health and safety activities to local safety coordinators/ reps. This training provides these individuals with the key information, guidance and tools they need to implement the organisations health and safety management system and support their colleagues and line managers.

HS&E Management System (OHSAS18001/ISO14001) Implementation

Duration: 1 day

Aimed at: H&S Professionals, Line Managers, Supervisors

Overview: Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems (e.g. OHSAS18001 and ISO14001), are becoming common place in most high profile and fast moving organisations. This course gives participants and insight into how these systems operate and the most effective means of achieving the standards.

Managing Stress in Others

Duration: 1 day

Aimed at: Senior Managers, Line Managers, HR Professionals,  H&S Professionals

Overview: Stress is a reaction that people have to excessive pressures or other demands placed upon them. It occurs when they feel that they can’t cope, and is the second largest cause of occupational ill health in the UK. The effects of stress have a major impact on the organisation as well as the individual. This practical course helps managers understand the concept of stress, its causes and effects, how to effectively identify and assess stress, as well as practical control and prevention measures.

Accident Investigation

Duration: 1 day

Aimed at: Senior Managers, Line Managers, Supervisors, Safety Reps,  H&S Professionals

Overview: Proper and thorough investigation of workplace accidents and incidents is an essential part of health and safety management. The benefits of good accident investigation are obvious i.e. prevents recurrence, further losses, reduces liabilities and reputational damage. This course gives delegates an understanding of accident causation, the step by step accident investigation process and practical accident prevention techniques.


Health and Safety Technical Training:

Health and safety is an essential part of corporate risk management and should be an integral part of any business process. It is important that everyone at work fully understand the health and safety risks, the requirements and practical control measures. Effective health and safety management doesn't need to be bureaucratic, expensive or time consuming and our technical training courses are designed with the delegates in mind; in that they are interesting, interactive and practical and do not focus too much on the legal aspect more so on the practical application.

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Health and Safety

Risk Assessment Training

Duration: 1 day

Aimed at: Managers and staff tasked with completing risk assessments for their organisation

Overview: Risk Assessments are an essential element of a health and safety management system and they are also a legal requirement. This course enables delegates to understand the principles of risk assessment, how to identify hazards, the concept of risk, deciding on control measures, the concept of reasonably practicable and the review, maintenance and risk assessment recording process.

Fire Warden/Marshall Training

Duration: 3 hours

Aimed at: Fire Wardens, Fire Marshalls, Security Staff

Overview: Fire is one of the biggest dangers in most workplaces. Fire wardens/marshalls play an important role in fire prevention and fire precautions. This course enables fire wardens/marshalls to understand their roles as fire wardens/marshalls, fire risks, fire prevention techniques, emergency evacuation procedures, and the types and safe use of fire extinguishers.

Fire Safety

Duration: 2 hours

Aimed at: All staff

Overview: Fire is one of the biggest dangers in the workplace and everyone has a part to play in fire prevention. This course enables staff at all levels of the organisation to understand fire risks, fire prevention techniques and basic emergency procedure.

Manual Handling

Duration: 3 hours

Aimed at: Anyone involved in manual handling activities and/or assessments

Overview: Manual Handling injuries account for the largest proportion of lost time injuries. Incorrect lifting techniques, excessive weights, frequent handling of loads and a poor work environments can lead to a number of serious acute and chronic injuries - including sprains, strains and fractures. This course provides delegates with an understanding of manual handling risks, typical injuries, safe working practices, correct lifting and handling techniques and practical measures to eliminate, reduce or control manual handling risks.

Display Screen Equipment Assessors

Duration: 3 hours

Aimed at: DSE Assessors, H&S Reps, Line Managers, H&S professionals

Overview: Display Screen Equipment (DSE), is widely used in most offices and workplaces. DSE itself is not dangerous; however, if DSE is used or set up incorrectly this can lead to ill health effects. This course provides practical information to those tasked with DSE assessments on ill health effects, their causes, the correct ergonomic set up, the DSE assessment process and practical advice they can give employees.

Contact Centre Safety

Duration: 3 hours

Aimed at: Contact Centre Staff, team leaders, line managers

Overview: This course covers the health and safety issues that can arise whilst working in a contact centre e.g. DSE, stress, dealing with abusive customers, housekeeping and general welfare. The course provides practical solutions and techniques to ensure staff are working in a safe and healthy work environment.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH)

Duration: 3 hours

Aimed: Anyone involved in the use, handling or transportation of hazardous substances

Overview: There are many risks associated with the hazardous substances and this course enables delegates to understand the risks and the precautions to take to eliminate, reduce or control risks associated with the use, handling or transportation of hazardous substances.

Asbestos Awareness

Duration:  3 hours

Aimed at: Maintenance/Technical Staff

Overview: Asbestos kills over 3,000 people in the UK every year. This course provides valuable information and guidance to staff on the types of asbestos, the health effects, their causes, and practical control measures.

IOSH Working Safely

Duration: 1 day

Aimed at: All staff

Overview: Everyone at work should have a basic understanding of why they must work safely. This practical and interactive training course focuses why health and safety is important, and how individuals can make a real difference to the well being of themselves and others through changing their behaviour. There is a multiple choice test at the end of the course. On successful completion of the IOSH Working Safely Course you will receive a nationally accredited IOSH certificate or passport card.

Office Safety

Duration: 3 hours

Aimed at: Office staff and supervisors

Overview: Most modern offices are safe and well managed. However, there are hazards that still exist e.g. DSE, fire, trips and falls that can result in accidents, incidents and ill health. This interactive course provides delegates with practical information and guidance on how to identify hazards at work and the control measures to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all.

General Factory Safety

Duration: 1 day

Aimed at: All staff working in factory environments

Overview: Understanding the hazards and risks with factory environments is an essential part of accident prevention and maintaining a safe working environment. This practical and interactive course enables delegates to understand the key risks in the workplace e.g. fire, noise, vehicles, CoSHH etc, what their health and safety responsibilities are, and safe working practices and practical control measures.

Our Health and Safety courses can accommodate up to 15 delegate. We can also advise you on specific training needs for your staff or tailor a specific courses to your business.


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