Our Mission

To provide practical, clear and sensible advice, support and direction to modern, high profile, fast moving and constantly changing origanisations, enabling them to protect their people, their property and their business activities in the most practical and sensible way.

How we can help you

Whether you're a new, established, small, medium or large business- Clarity Risk Management Limited have the skills, experience and expertise to help meet you meet your obligations in the most practical and sensible way.

For example, we can:

  • Help get you started and pointed in the right direction
  • Give you practical advice on your legal and regulatory requirements
  • Help you develop health and safety plans, policies, procedures and safe systems of work
  • Undertake risk assessments and advise on practical risk control measures
  • Increase staff awareness through training, communication and education
  • Monitor and measure your performance through site audits and inspections
  • Investigate accidents, incidents and complaints
  • Act as a "competent person" for your organisation
Risk Management


The effective management of Health and Safety risks will enable you and your organisations to:

  • Maximise the well being and productivity of all people working for you
  • Prevent people becoming ill, injured or even killed through work activities
  • Improve your organisations reputation with its employees, clients, competitors, suppliers, other stakeholders, regulatory bodies and the wider community
  • Avoid damaging the effects on turnover and profitability
  • Minimise the likelihood of civil and criminal litigation

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