Where do I start?

Managing Health and Safety within your business doesn't have to be a complicated, time consuming or an expensive process. Health and Safety should always be an integral part of your business activity and management culture; and there are many simple tools and techniques that you, your managers and staff can use to ensure that this happens.

Before you can decide where you need to go, you first of all need to establish where you are now. This is achieved via a “Preparatory Review" which is a combination of an assessment and audit identifying your activities and associated risks. It also examines what current systems, policies and procedures you have in place to manage Health and Safety and whether or not these are adequate, effective or could be simplified.

The general areas we look at are; Policy, Safety Plans, Risk Assessments, Training, Communication, Operational Control (Work Equipment, Contractors, Housekeeping, Lone Working etc), Emergency Planning (Fire, First Aid, Bomb), Records Management, Accident/Incident Investigation, Monitoring & Measuring, Auditing & Review.

Where do I start

Following the completion of the Preparatory Review, we will provide you with an Action Plan prioritising the key actions with appropriate timescales i.e. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months & 12 months.

The benefit of this preparatory review and action planning process is that:

  • You and your team can focus & prioritise on the key issues
  • Managers, staff and stakeholders can see that action is taking place and that you take Health and Safety seriously
  • If a HSE inspector or EHO were to visit your premises, you can demonstrate that you have a structured plan that you are implementing.
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