Stress Management

Stress is a reaction that people have to excessive pressures or other demands placed upon them. It occurs when they feel that they cant cope, and is the second largest cause of occupational ill health in the UK. Modern businesses are high-pressure environments that can lead to increased stress levels. This in turn can lead to both physical and behavioural symptoms, such as lowering of resistance to infection, increased heart rate and difficulty in sleeping.

Stress can also have an undesirable effect on an organisation, resulting in; poor timekeeping and absenteeism, high staff turnover, increased customer complaints, low productivity and higher accident rates.

Enforcing authorities, insurers, unions and other stakeholders are increasing pressure on organisations to manage stress effectively- and clearly this has good business benefit.

In general, the factors that may be involved in cases of workplace stress include:

Stress Management
  • Employees being overloaded or underloaded with work
  • Lack of control over the pace of work
  • Impossible deadlines and targets
  • Lack of control over content of work or timing of breaks
  • Poor communication and poor leadership by managers and supervisors
  • Workplace conflict - including sexual or racial harassment or bullying
  • External personal factors such as bereavement, financial concerns and personal relationships

There are many myths and misconceptions around stress (all of which are untrue) e.g. stress and pressure are the same thing, there is 'good' stress and 'bad' stress and you need a degree of the former to perform effectively, stress is an illness, stress only occurs in people that are weak and cannot cope with the every day demands of life.

Clarity Risk Management Limited have an effective stress training, assessment and management programme to help your managers understand the concept of stress, its effect, the causes, and practical processes to identify, assess and manager stress effectively.

Contact us for more information on how we can educate your your managers and provide you with the tools to reduce your stress sickness adsence.

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